Animal Shelter Gets Robbed, But The End Of This Is Just Happiness!

Animal Shelter

This case got my attention about how it started and how it ended. It started on Sunday morning and one of the staff at The Animal Rescue League Of New Hampshire got shocked after seeing the someone took about 65 bags- worth $700 of donated food for cats and dogs. Monica Zulauf, president and CEO of the rescue said that A staff person came in the morning and noticed that someone had pushed through the chicken wire on our community food pantry and they took everything, and the only thing that it was left was one small bag of kitten food. The rescue shared surveillance video of him caught in the act hoping to identify the thief. The rescue contacted the police and shared a press release on Facebook and also was shared in Twitter. After that a big and not waited surprise came for this shelter. They couldn’t imagine the help that they would receive after this horrible incident. The community gave the immediate help for the rescue and then the rescue’s parking lot was full and cars were lining up to drop off food. Zulauf was very grateful and of course she was happy to receive all this big help to feed the dogs and cats . It seems that this time the calm came in the right time after a big storm. In the meantime, the theft case remains under investigation. There are no identifiable suspects at the time. If you are interested in donating The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire will be very welcome it can vary the help like food , supplies, money any help is good. This shelter is very grateful with all and hope you can still help them.

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