Barney, The Cat That Used To Comfort Mourning People Has Died!


The ginger tabby cat spend his life in consoling those who were visiting their loved one’s graves for 20 years in Guernsey, United Kingdom. Sadly, he died of old age on Friday . He used to live with his owners next door to the St Sampson’s Cemetery, but they moved to another place. Even that Barney kept returning to the cemetery, Alan, 63, the cemetery sexton who has helped look after Barney since 1996, said everyone was just sad. Many people that came to say forever goodbye to  their loved ones, they cried much but Barney came in the right time to console them. Local people put a plaque on the wall and a bench and  found a little space for Barney in the cemetery where he is buried.  He was happy and he was cared and loved by people that was in that place too, he even received gifts on Christmas time. Many visitors to the cemetery have described Barney’s support as invaluable and tributes have been literally flooding in for him on social media. Here there are some statements written by people that met Barley stated: “God bless you Barney, remember that lovely sunny afternoon, I laid down on the grass in the cemetery and we cuddled up together for two hours.”

Others  wrote: “I needed a friend that day and there you were my angel!! God bless you.”

Sue Falla, whose daughter is buried at the cemetery, writes: “I always felt my young daughter was never alone when he was there. Really going to miss you, Barney, RIP.”Andy Baker wrote: “He should have his very own little grave there as this was his chosen place while alive. He should be laid to rest there.

Mandy Hardman also added: “He belongs there.”

Many people that met Barney is sad about the news, but in the same time are glad that they met an unique and loyal friend for them. I’m thinking that Barney was more than an any animal, he was an angel and sure now he is resting in peace forever.