Welcome to your home oh beloved cat ….!

stray cats

This is an amazing story and a true friendship between human and cat treats . This happens on a mosque which is located in Istanbul , Turkey, whose doors are open for the homeless and also for stray cats . Imam Mustafa Efe started from last year to give a warm welcoming to stray cats into the mosque , sharing love , food, and a place to sleep.El treated as guests all cats and so is the conformidad cats decided to raise some their small puppies there. The generosity of Imam became known to the whole world sharing a positive message that it is a complete happiness sharing and giving love to animals . In the end is something true that they only need compassion and love from us.
1-Stray CatsMustafa Efe
2-Stray CatsMohammed Matter3-Stray CatsKuzeyin Huysuz Kızı

4-Stray CatsMustafa Efe
5-Stray CatsMustafa Efe