This Cat Should Be In A Funny Live Show, Right?

cat says hi

We know that there are cats that will do to say “hi!” They will rub against you, jump a little to reach you, sniff your face, and make chirping sounds. There are lots of cat behavior facts that are tied in to their body. Some of the things that come to mind are tail twitching, hair on the back rising, and others. This time this cat shows a funny expression every time he saw a human closer to him. He would put his hands up so quickly as if he is being robbed by somebody else. It is hilarious to see the way he does that, nobody can explain why he reacts like this when humans gets closer to him. Some says that maybe he was abused by his old owner, but nobody can confirm that . He instinctively does it when a human pass by next to him, but sure this funny quirk make his family to love him even more because they smile every time he reacts like this. I would love to have a cat like this too , don’t you too?

1-Cat Sees A Human

2-Cat Sees A Human

3-Cat Sees A Human

4-Cat Sees A Human

5-Cat Sees A HumanSource : Reddit