Well after all , this cat is the king !!

Cat Refuses To Leave Supermarket

This is a funny story because this cat is not like any other cats , this is a big and hilarious case. It started last year, when a cat has been appearing to shoppers in England, regularly more in the Sainsbury supermarket . Although being taken out multiple times by the staff, this cat doesn’t give up and yet, it still coming back stronger and frenetic. A Sainsbury’s spokesperson told the telegraph that :” he lives in the house next door and he is in here everyday, all time and he is not allowed to be here”. Lucky the cat earned the title of “Animal of the week” from Time Out London because of his funny obsession. Some customers give him love and even take pics of the furious cat . It’s clearly that doesn’t matter what happens or how many times is kicked out of the market but in the end is sure that this cat will keep coming back .