This Couple Don’t Give Up In Making This Cat To Live His Last Months Of Live The Best!

Couple Adopts Cat

I present you this brave cat named Tiger, a senior 21-years old cat. He was left by his older owner at 20 years old, a years passed and surprisingly he was adopted by a couple Adriene Buisch of Maryland and her boyfriend Michael. They decided to give Tiger more than a company itself , they wanted to give to him full happiness to his last months of live. When they adopted him, they realized that he was skinny and drank a lot of water.

They took him to the veterinarian and discovered that Tiger was suffering from kidney failure, after that he was put in medication. Sadly, after some few months the vet found that Tiger had more than one tumors in his body and because of Tigger’s age , he won’t get surgery leaving him limited time of life. In his Facebook page the couple post updates about his unforgettable journey for this Tiger. Actually, this February , Tiger celebrated one-year of being adopted with his great hat and delicious cake !. He also gets gifts from his followers on social media, Tiger keeps fighting against his kidney failure, but even that he is enjoying the best moments next to this great couple. There is even a video showing that no matter what illness Tiger has, but he doesn’t lose the big appetite for more and more food. There is even a list to do for Tiger including a blind date with a lady cat ! wow, this is very interesting! According to Yahoo News Buisch said that they want to do fun things with Tiger until he tells them “ no more fun please “!. No matter how much time he has left, but this couple is making the best possible to live happy moments for Tiger a cute and in the same time a great warrior. You can follow Tiger here Tiggers Story The 21 yr Old Cat His Bucket List. I hope Tiger is living happily and eating much food.

1-Couple Adopts Cat

2-Couple Adopts Cat

3-Couple Adopts Cat

4-Couple Adopts Cat

5-Couple Adopts Cat

6-Couple Adopts Cat

7-Couple Adopts Cat

8-Couple Adopts CatSource : Facebook / The Dodo