What A Destiny For This Dog Who Was Chained On Balcony!

Dog Chained

This is a sad beginning for this dog named Bella , who tired to free herself by jumping but that was a bad decision. Bella couldn’t leave the spot where she was because a rusty chain was around her neck and the squalid third-floor balcony in Cairo, Egypt, was all she ever knew. After that she jumped, sadly Bella dangled helplessly from the balcony, the chain biting brutally into her neck. The time to rescue her was for about 5 hours says Lauren Conelly of Special Needs Rescue And Rehabilitation.Then someone came to the place and hauled her up but her injuries were very visible. She was extremely thin and her bones were shown clearly. A local animal rescue from Egyptian Society For Mercy To Animals took Bella to get a urgent medical attention. After that Bella got a lifeline around the world to SNARR, which specializes in urgent cases. The two groups work together to help dogs in difficult situations in Egypt with families in the U.S.A. In May 2015 a woman from Massachusetts agreed to foster Bella . From there she found a forever home . Actually Bella is nearly 2 years old living in Houston, Texas with a couple of humans. And a new doggy brother. She loves water and likes to watch tv with her new family. Now she is with a family that really care for her and love her all time. If you are interested in helping SNARR to rescue more dogs like Bella you can go here. Sure dogs like Bella would be grateful to receive a help from you because from there it depends their future happiness .
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5-Dog ChainedSource : SNARR / The Dodo