The Destiny Of These Two Cat Moms United Them Together!

Rescue Cat Moms

It was for certain that it was destined for these two cat mothers to give birth at the same time and not only that but also to care for each other’s babies. At Here Kitty Kitty Rescue in Elkhart, Indiana, two of the rescue adult cats named Coco and Odessa decided to have their kittens in the same time . Coco came from a high kill shelter in Wisconsin, Odessa was found outside pregnant, Twinkle was turned into the humane shelter and Madison was dumped at a local business. All of them  are 4 mama cats now in the facility. 

Surprisingly, this is not the first time that two mama cats give birth at the same time because 2 weeks ago Coco and Odessa gave birth together on the same night, now this week were Twinkle and Madison that gave birth on the same day. All the babies nurse off of any of the mothers, is not sure the mothers even know which one are their babies anymore. They work as a team and they take turns. While one mother is taking care of the babies, the other mothers take a break and relax themselves. If you would like to these moms and their babies to find a forever home here you can help. Thanks for your help.

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4-Rescue Cat MomsSource : Kitty Kitty Rescue / Love Meow