This Got My Eyes To Tears So Fast , So Sad!

Dog Sits Alone

As we know, Thailand shares to us not any ordinary commercials as others. Most of their commercials include examples about life and love , their objective is for us to learn the positive message and to apply to our lives and others. This is another Teajerking commercials, but this time is different because this is very emotional, especially if you love dogs. This ad for Krungthai Bank that tells us the history of a young woman got the decision to become a veterinarian. It started when she had fears about the dog of her neighbor called Olieng. She thought that this dog is just mad all time with not sign of being friendly to her or anybody else. After a long time she realized that Olieng was like this because he was protective of his owner, an old woman with no family. Sadly his owner died, and the young woman used to walk next to this dog watching him how sad and empty he felt because of his lost. She decided to get closer to him , and he accepted her invitation of being good friends. They became more closer , and even Olieng used to wait for her at the train until she comes back from school, but one day everything changed for her. What continues next , will get your eyes to tear and again this is a positive and emotional experience to watch.

Source : KTB Care