This Is Impossible To believe !

Dying Man Last Wish

We believe what we see , but some people believe without the need to see it. This time people even if they watched this event , they still could not believe it yet. James Wathern was admitted into a Kentucky hospital. His health was deteriorating, he realized that he didn’t have much left and he asked for his dying wish. It is not allowed for pets to be in hospitals, but this was an exception because James was going to die . After an arrangement with the staff from hospital, they let his wish to come true. They let his lovely chihuahua Bubba to be with him, in the end they got a big surprise even for James himself. After the visit of Bubba, James started to feel better, his health was improving good. Now James and Bubba are together more time because he is strong and healthy . Actually , the hospital says that they revisiting their policy about not to allow pets inside of the place, because they believe that pets have healing powers too. What a good ending right?.

Source : Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter