This Great Idea In Building Shelter For Homeless Cat Should Be Done Here In This Country Too


I love this idea and hope you can agree to do the same to protects cats our great friends. The following pictures that you are going to see now are houses for homeless cats built by a native Latvian master.

He used donations made in  non-profit cat protector organization Cat Care Community. The native Latvian Facebook blog Es Esmu Kakis helped to bring this project to real life. 

shelters for homeless cats shelters for homeless cats1

As we know cats can’t survive to extreme coldness and this house is designed to protect them and to warm them in winter.

shelters for homeless cats2 shelters for homeless cats3

It is designed for 4 or 5 cats. it is built from woods with internal insulation with two exits.

shelters for homeless cats4 shelters for homeless cats5

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