Happily, This Dog is Free From His Muddy Home!

Dog Chained Outside Farm

For Lambert this journey was very bad specially when it was rainy time that he felt every drop of it in western Ireland. Unfortunately, it drenched him to the bone and made his dirt hovel into a lake of mud. And for Lambert didn’t have a way to escape from it because a chain was attached to an old farm equipment. According to Emma O’Brien, nobody knows for how long Lambert was left out like that. She expressed also that there are many dogs or other animals that are left by themselves suffering in silence on rural properties. O’Brien is the manager at the Galway SPCA, she heard about the horrible story of Lambert which immediately   a group arrived to the farmhouse. The owner of the place said that he didn’t know nothing about the dog and Lambert belonged to his brother. O’Brien said that is very selfish for anyone that can look at the mess every day thinking that “is just a ok beyond me .”

Rescuers removed his chain and Lamber was starting to become a dog again little by little. It is already a couple of weeks that Lambert was placed in a residence at the Galway SPCA. At first, he was left to settle in and adapt to the place, his coat that was infested with fleas is clean again . Finally he is making new friends . Rescuers think that Lambert is between 2 and 4 years old who is ready to be in a real home .If you are interested in giving a forever home for Lambert, you can go here. I’m pretty sure that Lambert will be more than happy in getting a safe home where he can feel freedom and comfortable. He didn’t deserve to be attached to a chain outside alone, but he deserves to be attached to a family that can gives to him only love.

1-Dog Chained Outside Farm

2-Dog Chained Outside Farm

3-Dog Chained Outside Farm

4-Dog Chained Outside Farm

5-Dog Chained Outside Farm

6-Dog Chained Outside FarmSource : Galway SPCA / The Dodo