It Is Hard To Say GoodBye To Your Loved Ones, This Donkey Just Had To Do It!

Donkeys Gather To Say Goodbye

The Founder of sanctuary Jacqueline van den Berg shares the story of Bram with us. He used to live with them for one and half year. They nursed him, but suddenly he couldn’t lay down because of his lungs. The same day he passed away. His loyal friends noticed his absence and death and they wanted to say their goodbye to Bram. The leader of the pack, the black and white donkey, bites him. This reaction wasn’t because of angriness but because he wanted Bram to get up. Sadly it didn’t happen. In this video you can observe how they even cry for him. This demonstration from them confirm that the friendship between them and him was real. They showed that between them that the friends are important for each one. It seems that Donkeys make friends for life and some can even die for grief. For them the value of friendship is something important and they care for it.  Jacqueline believes that Bram will remain among his friends in spirit and his ashes spread beneath a towering oak tree. Sure Bram didn’t feel lonely in the sanctuary specially if somebody has friends like he had. He was loved by his friends and sure he is looking for them now as Jacqueline said in spirit !

Source : Youtube / The Dodo