This Homeless Cat Went Straight To A Police Officer To Share A Big Surprise!

Homeless Cat

The Gang-seo police station in Busan, South Korea received the visit of a new and special ‘officer’, and yes they didn’t wait that the special one is a cat named Molang.  This new policeman is not an average one but when you will see her, you will understand what it is for real that made her a special and unique officer. But earn she came to the station, she didn’t come alone. Because she was pregnant !. She was waiting for the arrival of her kittens and also the officers of the nation were waiting too. They made her a little place for her and helped her to deliver the kittens and even cut the umbilical cords. Now she and her ‘colleague’ work together round the clock to care for the kittens . After that for the service , Molang was honored with a cute police outfit and not only her but her kittens. Now officially they became the world’s First Police Cat Family who are ready to save the city and caught bad people!!. Now we have to create a First Firefighter Cat Family too ! It would be very unique too right?. Anyway I hope Molang be happy because her kittens are healthy and safe!

1-Homeless Cat

2-Homeless Cat

3-Homeless Cat

4-Homeless Cat

5-Homeless Cat

6-Homeless Cat

Source : Honest to paws