Homeless Cat Have To Work For This Shelter! For A Good Reason!

shelter cat

We know that cats are very friendly and cute animals that make us feel loved and happy, but most of times cats don’t have a good ending even if they are good animals. First, we have to know that every year 3 millions of animals are euthanized in shelters, and while you are reading this the time of life for an animal is getting less and less. Because of it,  SpokAnimal, a Washington state rescue organization, came up with a great idea to save cats.  They created a program called Farm Livin‘ pairs shelter cats with people who own any kind of property dealing with mouse issues. Which is a easy job for them. Sure this is bad new for mice, But for the more than 1,700 felines admitted to the program since June 2009, it’s a lifeline. During this time , cats are vaccinated, neutered, and also they get to feed good food. They don’t want to spend time in finding a place into the heart of a family or anybody, they just want to work and they are very strict in their jobs. In this video you can see with more details about this program that helps cats from a sure death and to still living more time.

Source : The Animal Rescue Site