This Hummingbird Can’t Stop Loving Her Savior, The Dog!

Tiny Hummingbird

We heard stories about dogs and cats being friends after they were saved by each other. But it is not common to hear that a bird became the best friend of a dog after this one saved this beautiful kind of bird, a hummingbird. Last year, Rex the dog was walking with his new owner Ed Gernon in California. Rex saw a hummingbird on the ground, covered by ants. Gernon explains that he thought that the bird was dead at first. But the dog didn’t believe in that and he knew that the bird was still alive. Then Rex tried to convince his owner to help her and named her Hummer. The next weeks, the little Hummer was under care of Gernon, then her strength was starting growing up and was soon flying. From that moment Rex got the total trust from  little Hummer, and also they became inseparable friends. In this video you can see how beautiful is the interaction between these two. On YouTube, Gernon writes how she even started bathing in his water bowl to kill time while he ate before she would start playing with him again. Vernon also explains that he waits for Hummer to mature to set her sights on a more fitting  mate, but until that day comes, she is staying with them sharing happiness and love !This story is a clearly example of practicing solidarity with humans and with animals too. Sure love is in everywhere !

Source : Ed Gernon / CBS Los Angeles / The Dodo