This is True Love !


There are many amazing stories about animals either as heroes or as survivors, but this time we will have a few unique stories such as the unconditional friendship between two kinds of animals that come from the same world, but a different nature. This is a real family dog between a Husky and a kitten named Rosie. The famous dog called Lilo found this kitten when she was just 3 months, Rosie was sick but fortunately with the help of Lilo and his family she recovered totally. She not only improved her health but also became part of Husky clan of four. Every place that Rosie or Lilo go, they try to stay together all the time. Lilo is very protective of Rosie and takes great care of her, plays with her, shares food with her , gives real love to her, including Rosie feels that sometimes she is a Husky clan too. Its clear that being a family does not mean being the same clan, but sharing love without condition ( no matter what race, color, or nature) is enough to make a real family.

Walks between rainstorms🌦☔️#liloandrosie

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