This got my heart so happy after watching this !!

Rescued baby

It’s amazing to know that there is still true love and the infinite friendship between animals regardless of class or race.
This is the case of the elephant and the dog unfortunately for one of them the destination did not start well . Ellie the Elephant was rescued by Karen Tendler and the staff at Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage in South Africa , Ellie took several months to recover because their condicon was critical . At the end the elephant improved successfully , but his heart also needed medicine . When the baby elephant was born was rejected by his mother , and this is where a beautiful friendship began with Duma that rescued and guided Ellie from his sadness . The friendship between them is very strong and continuously they don’t stop seeing each other and sharing good moments. Now it is certain that Ellie no longer feels alone is now happily ever after. Here the video shows her affair with Duma.

Source : Earth Touch