Jackson Galaxy Gives A Real Surprise To This Great Cat!

Cat From Heaven

I introduce you this survivor cat named Ziggy. Her past was not real happiness as other cats could have. She didn’t have the same lucky and suffered much. She is a survivor of animal cruelty, she decided to get over her past and to continue improving for more better her life. Michele Hoffman, President of Milo’s Sanctuary & Special Needs Cat rescue in California detailed that they spent a lot of money trying to save Ziggy not once but three times !! . This rescue specializes in treating cats who don’t get a easy chance to get a forever home due to injury, illness or more. Sadly, Ziggy was paralyzed from the waist down after being thrown from a moving car. Yes, we can see that bad actions don’t have limits in this world. But for this cat the chance to live again was stronger. The ability to get around on her own was the real issue.  Ziggy was starting to get frustrated, but then Jackson Galaxy knew how to help her and yes! they came to give to her a real surprise . In this video you can see what was it !! after that Ziggy became like a warrior and now she doesn’t stop smiling all time!! GO ZIGGY GO!

Source : Animal Planet