Is This A Destiny Or A Coincidence ?

Kitten Found with Eyes Glued

This whole event changed the life of this kitten and also the life of her owner. A young woman called Nessa was driving her car until she noticed a something small , she stopped the car and realized that was a beautiful kitty. The eyes of this kitten were fully glued shut, so she took her to home. In the following weeks , she nursed her and decided that this kitten deserved a second chance to live with a family . Nessa named her Ramona and after her recovery , she finally opened her eyes showing the beauty of them. Ramona enjoys being with her mama Nessa and her dad too. She likes to play and makes groceries too !!! She keeps her mama company in her job and gives her much love. Sure Ramona is not only grateful to be alive but is grateful to be loved by her family of mama and dad.
1-Kitten Found with Eyes Glued

2-Kitten Found with Eyes Glued

3-Kitten Found with Eyes Glued

4-Kitten Found with Eyes Glued

5-Kitten Found with Eyes GluedWatch the video :

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Source : Love Meow / Instagram / Reddit