Not Only Mama Cats Have Parental Skills, But Father Cats Over Pass The Skills Of Being The Best Parent Ever


Let’s meet Pokey, the great father that you ever meet. We are going to start narrating his life first, he was found alongside a deceased sibling in 2012 and was taken to the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Then he was fostered by a kind human named Jen. It was visible that Pokey was in need of being loved and giving love too. He was just 3-weeks-old when he arrived to the place. He used to cry every time Jen left him alone, which Jen didn’t leave him alone again and became inseparables both of them. Jen knew that Pokey wouldn’t be adopted, so he stayed in his forever home with Jen.

Jen decided to start foster kittens again and they brought more new fosters to home. What they didn’t know is that Pokey was going to do something unexpected. Every time that a new kitten was arriving to the place, Pokey would welcome them first and showed them that he was very paternal to them too. This made kittens to climb all over him and snuggled up with him and of course chase him around the house because they knew that Pokey was their lovely father. 

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