Oh My God I Want One Now Please!


This is the case of a rabbit is not like any ordinary rabbit, this is a total tenderness for anyone who sees it . I present you this cute bunny Wally , he’s an Angora rabbit . This breed of rabbit Were first bred in Ankara , Turkey, then released in France and there are now also in the United States. Wally lives in Massachusetts, and he likes to play much. Generally , They Have Their long hair and wool is very soft . Besides being beautiful also smile a lot , there is no doubt that when someone sees those rabbits fall in love immediately . Wally is very loved and protected by the owner Molly . There are many photos on instagram Wally and obviously many people know him and love him very much.
1-Adorable Bunny

2-Adorable Bunny

3-Adorable Bunny

4-Adorable Bunny

5-Adorable Bunny

6-Adorable Bunny

7-Adorable Bunnywally and molly