This Pit Bull Lived The Worst Experience Ever, But He Survived!


Roxanne is a 1-year-old Pit Bull who was found in horrible circumstances around Columbia, South Carolina all alone. But The worst is The she was found with a 6 pound chain wrapped very tight around her neck. Nobody knows for how long she was like this but  her head was swollen from dealing it around. Roxanne weighed only 50 pounds when she was found and the weight of the chain was more than 10 percent of her body weight. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC heard the tragic  situation of how Roxanne was living. When they arrived to the place, they were horrified for what was happening. They took her and rushed to the vet partner in South Carolina. They removed the chain but it wasn’t easy to do it because it was extremely large and had to be cut off of Roxanne with heavy bolt cutters.As soon the chain was off Roxanne was taken to emergency surgery. Doctors were worried that she could bleed out at any moment but she fought to survive. Now Roxanne is still recovering at the vet and surprisingly she is getting better. She impressed everybody for her fast recovery, but sure she improved so fast because the good care and love from his saviors. Now that the swelling is gone, Roxanne is emaciated and still has a long way to recover but sure she will recover soon because she is a good fighter. If you want to help Roxanne and other dogs you can go here in making donations. Im happy that Roxanne got better. now lets hope that finds a forever home where she can receives the love that she really deserves. For now she is happy with her saviors and of course she is loved all time !

pit-bull  Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC
Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC
Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC
Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC
Source: Rescue Dogs Rock NYC  H/T : The Dodo