How Cute Rudy is smiling again !!

Rudy found near death

This is an extraordinary story of another brave dog survived the certain death. Rudy was found in a plastic box in the City of New York and unfortunately , he had deep wounds which causes it is not known and even in a part of his body had shown clearly tendon and bone. He had lost a lot of hair, this was an urgent call for help from SNARR Northeast ( Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation) .
SNARR specifically specializes in rescuing animals with severe conditions to save them and give them a home . Veterinarians discovered that Rudy had suffered from untreated Cushing’s disease (a severe but treatable hormonal imbalance), a lacerated bladder, and a violently fractured front leg, and more. SNARR does not work like a shelter center, this center is known through website explaining that they do not solamente rescued animals to put them to another facility. They take care of the animals until they get a good home , meanwhile there is a large interaction between them and the animals either play games, socialize , but especially they take care for them regardless of medical status . In the rehabilitation of Rudy they included special baths for his medical condition , and in this video show how he has shown great improvement . Currently Rudy is adopted a family who share love with him and deja obviamente not take special baths with soap and smile a lot . Rudy knows that he is alive and healthy so I can finally say that was and is still brave.

Source : S.N.A.R.R Animal Rescue Northeast