Sadly, The Saddest Elephant Dies After Many Years Alone In Her Cell!

oldest Asian elephant

It is very tragic story for lovers animals to know that Hanako, the world’s loneliest elephant died. Hanako used to live in a tiny concrete enclosure at Inokashira Park Zoo in Tokyo, Japan. Her place didn’t have trees or grass and the worst is that she didn’t see another elephant in decades. She was born in Thailand in 1947, she was shipped to Japan’s Ueno Zoo at just 2 years old to replace other elephants who had been left to starve to death in World War II.  What a sad life for Hanako. The tourist, Ulara Nakagawa explains that Hanako just took her almost lifeless. In this video you can see how clear is the sad expression from Hanako to know that she is all alone and no friends around her. There was not color in her life or real love around her, but loneliness only. Inokashira Park refused to let go Hanako to a sanctuary, saying she was happy and healthy. But the zoo met with animal welfare expert Carol Buckley who suggested that it would be instituting changes to Hanako’s home and routine based on her recommendations. But, sadly it was late. On Thursday morning, Hanako was collapsed in her cage. They tried to move her , but she passed away a few hours later. She was 69 years old. For six decades she was living in a tiny cell at Inokashira Park. She spent many years chained up and had digestive problems too. Hank’s story may be over, but yet there are more elephants living a situation similar like her, If you want to help to rescue elephants like Hanako to live a happy life, you can make donations here, we will be grateful for your help, but the elephants will be even more because only like this they can live the life that for real they deserve, a free and lovely life.

1-Saddest ElephantSource : Flickr
2-Saddest ElephantSource : Flickr
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Source : shijimaitazawa / The Dodo