This Deaf Cat Finally Found His Perfect Mama!

Earless And Deaf Senior Cat

Molly Lichtenwalner is a grad student, and she felt that she was more than ready to add another member to her family, I mean a feline. But she didn’t want to adopt any common cat, she wanted a feline with special needs where she can give her care and love for this special one. Then in petfinder she found Branco a 9 1/2-year-old earless cat, she thought that he is the perfect one for her. First she would think about like a month before to fill out her application and then surprise her application was approved and then she knew right away that Branco was destined to be next to her. She got to know that he developed cysts on his ears, which became so severe that both ears had to be amputated . That’s why his older owners couldn’t pay anymore for his medical bills which Branco was left alone in the shelter. For Molly is not the first time that she gets a deaf animal, because when she was in high school her parents got a deaf puppy also and training her was very difficult but in the end all went ok . Actually, Molly is in graduate school for Speech-Language Pathology, which is centered around helping others learn to communicate.It is been a couple of days that Molly is living with Branco but she said everything is good and she is grateful for the amazing help that received also from The Feline Rescue Association of Baltimore. Now she is ready to get a lot of adventures next to Branco and to share love each other forever . You can follow her and Branco here Instagram , I’m pretty sure she is happy now as Branco too.

1-Earless And Deaf Senior Cat

2-Earless And Deaf Senior Cat

3-Earless And Deaf Senior Cat

4-Earless And Deaf Senior Cat

5-Earless And Deaf Senior CatSource : IHeartCats