Finally I found You !

Tiny Stray Kitten

Sometimes life gives you surprises , it can be bad or good surprises. This time this young man called Kawasaki Hina received a wonderful and unexpected gift from life. He was walking to the park, and just like this a cute kitty crossed in his way . From the moment this kitten would not let him go and followed him until he decided that together would go home. After 30 minutes that he took her home , she the kitten snuggled up comfortably next to him.One hour later she slept in the couch and after some days she decided that she would stay there . Actually she helps Kawasaki in doing laundry and also she likes to cuddle. Well, now we see this surprise stayed forever with Kawasaki and sure she is happy to know that she finally found her real family.
1-Tiny Stray Kitten

2-Tiny Stray Kitten

3-Tiny Stray Kitten

4-Tiny Stray Kitten

5-Tiny Stray Kitten

6-Tiny Stray KittenWatch the video:

Source : Twitter / Love Meow